First Friends and Founding Members


The First Friends Campaign

Parks for People, People for Parks

The Alabama State Parks Foundation was incorporated in 2018. In these first two years of its life, we urge park lovers to become the First Friends and Founding Members of the Foundation. 

You will join many other park supporters who give their time and resources to advance our wonderful Alabama State Park system. 

First Friends understand the needs of our parks for a strong recreational program, modern facilities, and great staff. Our First Friends will spread the news about Alabama’s marvelous parks through their financial support.

Of course, we hope our First Friends make a financial contribution to the Foundation and become Founding Members. If you are unable to give money at this time, we encourage our friends to pledge their time and talent, by volunteering at a park. 

First Friends will be the foot soldiers of our great park movement ---“Parks for People and People for Parks.” 

Become a First Friend