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First Corporate Partners: Stewards of the Parks we love

We need your help

The Alabama State Parks Foundation is launching a great park movement in Alabama. In the last year, almost 400 people have joined our movement and become First Friends and Founding Members of the Foundation. We are excited that so many individuals have committed their time and resources to build a great Alabama State Park System. 

We want to expand the State Parks Foundation community by engaging a state-wide network of First Corporate Partners and Founding Members. We ask you to consider becoming a First Corporate Partner of the Alabama State Parks Foundation. 

First Corporate Partners will make a difference. 

Our state parks are a unique treasure that belongs to all of our citizens. They provide healthy recreation and preserve important ecosystems of incomparable natural value. They host gatherings of family and friends across generations. They are outdoor classrooms where our children learn the majesty and mystery of the natural world. They attract tourists from all over our nation and the world. The Alabama State Parks are the crown jewels of Alabama Beautiful.

We ask our First Corporate Partners to consider being stewards of the state parks we love. 

Your gift to the Parks Foundation will: 

  1. Promote healthy employees,
  2. Attract tourist dollars to Alabama
  3. Build high quality communities,
  4. Steward a healthy planet, and
  5. Preserve family traditions and heritage.

Here are ways to steward the parks we all love.

  • Your Unrestricted Gift will go where the need is the greatest
  • Camp Scholarship $250 Will Send a Child to Camp
  • Trail, $12,000 Can Build a Trail Through an Enchanted Forest
  • Cabin, build a cabin for $60,000 to $100,000
  • Fund a boat, $8,000 will pay for a park rental boat
  • Name a Memory, pay tribute to someone with a gift to the park
  • Volunteer your time at one of our beautiful parks

Let’s have a lasting impact on the future of Alabama

Engage, Educate & Motivate

  • Engage with us for the future of our wonderful state parks. 
  • Help us educate your employees and the citizens of Alabama about the benefits of park experiences. 

Let’s motivate the citizens of Alabama to launch a great park movement in Alabama

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